Bread by Bicycle

During a phase of my life, I took up bread baking. Like most hobbies that occupy a phase, they are intended to fulfill a certain void in one's life, to provide enjoyment when little seems to. Still unable to tell if this hobby will extend beyond the phase, I continue to bake. One way I'm encouraged to do so is by baking for others. And more pragmatically, it allows me to bake a lot of bread without feeling like I have to eat all of it! This hobby has also coincided with my increased attention to cycling (my effort to burn the calories, so I can eat more bread) Why not deliver bread by bike? So I launched a website where friends could order : and a couple weeks ago I made my first delivery. It was to an old friend who I had not spoken to in a great deal of time. Upon the visit I became better acquainted with his wife, a woman I had met only briefly while they were dating years back, and got to catch up on what they had been up to in recent years. It was an experience that brought more happiness than  the act of making the boule I delivered to them provided.

It is my hope to reconnect with more people much in this same way and also meet new folks as well. 


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